Parent Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations

With a program as large and vibrant as ours, there are many volunteer and fundraising opportunities for all parents regardless of your specific talents. All parents are expected to contribute so that the program runs smoothly. See examples below:


  • Working concessions at Football Games – our largest fundraiser
  • GoFundMeCharity – management of the GoFundMe account
  • Sales – organizing/helping with distribution of items such as spirit wear
  • The Falcon Inviational is a new event we are starting this year. On October 23, the FBHS Band program will host a state sanctioned GMEA marching band competition. This great event will offer an opportunity for us to show off our great school and raise money for our band program all while providing a great educational experience and creating great memories for our students.
  • Organizing and planning other fundraisers, e.g., Candy sales

  • The concession stand at our football games is run solely by the Band Parents Association. We are required to open it for Varsity/Junior Varsity football games. The concession stand is our largest fundraiser and helps keep band fees lower. Every family is required to work at least 2 shifts in the concession stand. These shifts will vary by game in order to keep volunteers from missing an entire game! Times will be logged by the concession coordinator.

    Volunteer Opportunities: We ask that all parents account for at least 30 hours of volunteer hours in order to help the band, here are some ways to accomplish this.

  • Chaperoning, including those who administer first aid
  • Band Camp – hydration, feeding, running errands, organization
  • Equipment Crew – moving and loading equipment
  • Water Detail – fill water and help students stay hydrated and keep their water coolers full
  • Feeding the students on Friday nights and before competitions
  • Senior Night – providing help with distribution of senior recognitions, planning senior meals
  • Making Senior Signs
  • Homecoming Corsages – in charge of planning, fundraising, and distributing
  • Band Banquet in May – organize and decorate
  • Hospitality – providing refreshments and serving after concerts and other special events
  • Photography/Videography at events such as football games, halftime shows, etc.
  • Sewing – alterations to uniforms and sewing flags
  • Uniforms – both marching and concert – fit students, distribute and maintain
  • First Aid – medical professionals who can serve the students during travel, practices, etc.
  • Website Maintenance/Design
  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Painting – props, field painting
  • Creative Design – helping with props, concert programs, etc.
  • Graphic Design – posters, concert programs. etc.
  • Building – Carpentry, maintenance of props and equip.
  • Mechanical, Sound, Electrical – props, equip, etc.
  • Own/Drive a semi truck cab or pickup truck

  • Families that do not meet the 30 hour volunteer requirement along with the 2 shifts in the concession stand will have their dues prorated at the end of the season and have to pay an additional amount to compensate for the budget. The amount has been determined by the BPA board and will be $350.00. The BPA will work with families in the event there are circumstances out of their control that would prevent a family from completing the entire volunteer requirement.

    Please make every effort to complete your family’s volunteer hours and shifts in the concession stand as it is an extremely important part of our fundraising efforts to support these students and the overall mission of the program.

    I, the Parent / Guardian, do understand that by signing this I understand the obligation set forth for parent volunteering and as such understand I must complete 30 hours of volunteer work and 2 shifts in the concession. I also understand these hours may include any number of adult family members. (For Example, mom and dad attend chaperone a trip, you accrue hours from both parents) Further, I understand that I do not meet said requirements there will be a $350 fee added to band fees to cover the additional cost by not supporting the band with my hours of service.