Character Contract

It is the expectation of the Flowery Branch Band that you maintain the highest respect for your peers, adults, and your community. Show you are proud to be a Falcon. The band standard should set the precedent for our school and community.

The following list of behaviors will result in immediate expulsion from any extracurricular portion of the band program.

  • Any student possessing/using/distributing drugs.
  • Theft of school or personal property.
  • Verbal or physical threat or physical action (fighting) against a person.

    ****Anyone involved in a physical fight, regardless of who “started” the fight.

  • Wagering or betting on the outcome of an activity.
  • Deliberate destruction or damage to school or personal property.
  • Inappropriate display of affection, dress, or appearance.
  • Inappropriate behavior including fighting, pushing, shoving, and yelling.
  • Failure to follow school transportation rules.
  • Possession/use of matches or lighter when not a part of instructional program.
  • Selling unauthorized articles.
  • Failure of student to give staff correct name (i.e. inappropriate name, etc.)
  • Failure to attend scheduled classes while on campus (skipping school).
  • Failure to follow the proper procedures for checking out or checking in late.
  • Failure to attend detention.
  • Abuse of fire alarm system.
  • Any other activities deemed to be misrepresentative of the FBHS Band Program.