Student Account Resources

These links contain information on how to raise money to pay off your student dues.  While the band does host and organize fundraisers throughout the year, these are all designated for the general operating fund and are not allocated to individual student accounts. We will continue to update the list of third party vendors and organizations who are able to help facilitate student’s individual efforts to fund their band dues. Individual fundraising is an activity that must take place outside of the band’s organized efforts and all contributions to student’s accounts must be clearly indicated at the time of receipt. Please contact if you have any questions.

Student Financing Resources

Friends and Family Sponsorship

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

A Day at the Races

Work Race Events with EKG and Parent or Student Volunteers will earn $10/hour paid to the band to offset your dues. Contact Tracey to sign up.

EKG Security Tracey Jewah 770-686-6222



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